We carry a wide range of products and ideas to suit a variety of budgets and tastes.
Our most popular products are shown below.
We pride ourselves on "testing the market"before spending your advertising, so we know exactly what the postives and negatives are about your home as thought by the purchasers, to ensure your advertising is spot on and your money not wasted. Knowing the market, their expectations, thoughts ensures the right people come into your home.
Makes sense doesn't it..
Please call or stop by for more information on products,marketing ideas, presenting your home, the current market and potential buyers and receive vour customised written opinions, at no cost or obligation to you.

Presenting Your Home for Sale, Rent, or Lease - Our Speciality
Displaying your home for sale, rent, or lease is what we are all about..
You'd be suprised how many extra
people you will get through your
door, if you display it right..
We can come to you remember, or
come in and have a coffee, bring your
pictures, and we'll be able to help you
pick out some awesome items that will show up on the internet, in your advertising and make it stand out..
And remember, you don't have to be selling/leasing or about to rent out through Kelurs Real Estate. 
We love helping people, it's our job. That's why we created Kelurs -The Real Estate Shop, for you.
Artist Impressions
Artist Impressions
Visuals are everything - Ideal for
un-completed homes currenlty
being built. Floor plans alone
won't help you locate a buyer.
They're colourful and full of information. In some instances it pays not to have a signboard, speak to our Agents further if you are not sure what is best for you
Floor plans
Floor plans
Visualising the colour schems is
a great idea, seeing the timber flooring, tiles, not everyone is good
at visualisation, we help them see your home clearly.
Add colour
Add colour
This apartment was simply brown
in tones... We will guide and make small cost effective recommendations to help you get
the best possible price. We will
even purchase the candles,
cushions our-selves or loan you some of our own items. Remember "A Picture tells a Thousand Words..."
Presentation is everything!
Presentation is everything!
We'll ensure your photos are
quality and also include anything important that is close by such
as the beach, or local shopping complex.. Not all your buyers
are local.
Internal Artist Impressions.
Internal Artist Impressions.
Such a low costing but so worth it...Now your potential
purchasers can see what their
dream home will look like on completion.